Neutrogena Visibly Clear Light Therapy Targeted Acne Spot Treatment

Experience the benefits of the Visibly Clear Light Therapy Targeted Acne Spot Treatment from Neutrogena. Delivering clinically proven, effective results, the easy-to-use device helps to improve the appearance of acne-prone skin.

The blue light targets spot-causing bacteria, whilst the red light penetrates deeper to help minimise redness and inflammation. With continued use, the innovative tool promotes a clear, healthy-looking complexion and helps to keep blemishes and breakouts at bay.

৳  4,150

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Wash and dry your face prior to use, treat for 2 minutes, 3 times a day anytime, anywhere.

1. Before using the device for the first time, remove the pull-tab on the back of the device.

2. Wash and dry the treatment area. Lightly place the head of the device over the treatment area so it makes contact with your skin.

3. Press and hold the power button for a FULL second until the device beeps once to begin treatment. Each treatment is 2 minutes.

4. The device will turn off automatically after 2 minutes. The device will beep twice to let you know your treatment is over. Use three times per day per treatment area.

If the device flashes/beeps three times after pressing and holding the power button for 1 second, the battery in your device is low. Replace the AAA battery for continued use by using a small Phillips head screwdriver. We recommend you use re-chargeable batteries to be eco-friendly.