Dr. Jart+ Vital Hydra Solution Eye Cream

Infusing your ultra-delicate eye contours with a skin-smoothing sheen of hydration, the Vital Hydra Solution Eye Cream works to brighten and refresh the look of dark and dehydrated skin.

Powered by patented Jartbiome technology, this formula features fermented prebiotics to bolster your skin’s moisture barrier: dissuading chronic moisture loss and diminishing the signs of dehydration. With not one but three types of hyaluronic acid, this intensely hydrating formula draws in and clings to moisture, while the Hydra-Nutrition 2X booster supports your skin’s intrinsic hydrating system for plump and ultra-smooth results.

Size: 20ml

৳  3,799

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How to use:

Gently smooth over dry, clean eye contours.