Copenhagen Grooming The Activator – Beard Growth Serum

The Activator is made from natural active ingredients that have been proven to activate new facial hairs and improve beard density and hair thickness. The Activator contains natural, active ingredients that will help you boost and grow your beard. Besides the well-known vitamin Biotin, the serum contains the active ingredient, Capilia Longa. Together with The Beard Roller, The Activator creates the best micro-environment to reactivate hair growth. It does so by activating the dormant hair follicles that lie in a resting state underneath the skin. We strongly suggest combining The Activator with The Beard Roller to increase your skin’s absorption of the active ingredients more effectively.


— Apply The Activator once a day, preferably in the morning
— Wash your face before you apply the serum
— Apply 2-3 pumps of serum depending on the size of the desired area
— It’s a leave-in serum, meaning you should not wash your face after application
— You can apply other products after 5 minutes

Size: 30ml

৳  5,799