AESOP Mouthwash( 500ml )

Luxury’s take on mouthwash, Aesop’s breath-freshening formula eliminates oral malodor without disturbing the natural pH of the mouth. Powered by clove, anise and spearmint, the pH-balancing, alcohol-free mouthwash will leave you feeling fresh, confident and clean – it’s totally natural and makes a chic addition to your bathroom shelf.

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Maintain impeccable oral hygiene the natural way with Aesop’s Mouthwash, a pH-balancing, alcohol-free take on breath-freshening. The formula features clove, anise and spearmint to create a minty, herbal taste that’s refreshing and soothing. Totally natural and dye-free, the blend won’t upset the delicate pH of the mouth – simply swig generously and gargle prior to all public appearances to ensure that you’re completely confident. Housed in a beautiful, apothecary-style vessel, this makes a great addition to your bathroom shelf – as well as to your teeth-cleaning regime.


Aesop recommends that you swig generously and gargle after brushing and prior to all public appearances.