Please go through our (FAQs) frequently asked questions incase of an urgency, or if you need any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us

Question How long does it take on the orders to ship?
AnswerOur LinkShop is the fastest import process in the market right now as we deliver within 7-12 business days of the order taken. A shipment may only be delayed due to customs inspection which take about 3-5 working days. or if there is a mishandling by our shipment handlers such as DHL and eCourier, Pathao Courier and they are fully liable for the delay. Therefore, once noticed the delay immediately seek for our assistance at email or call us at 8801837033951
Question What if the products get damaged while shipping?
AnswerIf there is any damage done by the shipment handlers such as DHL, eCourier, Pathao Courier or the customs facility at Dhaka we are not liable for it, once noticed the damage immediately seek for our assistance and we will revert back to the shipment handlers and we will make sure you receive appropriate compensation from us as we do not take returns/resend for any of the orders for now.
Question Are all the products original?
AnswerAll our are products are directly shipped by the origin suppliers and we do not compromise any quality as our quality checking team ensures all the products are genuinely acquired from the origin distributors.
Question Can I order a product that is not available on the website?
AnswerYes, the private orders can be made through LinkShop and also the charges and invoices created of the particular orders taken will be private and personalized as it is acquired only on personal effected demand. Therefore, the availability and legality of order taken is firstly rooted before any order is confirmed and the verification is done by our QC and Sales team.
Question How secure is the purchase?
AnswerAny purchase made through the website is secured with top notch security team that has implemented a 256 bit Comodo SSL security for browsing and interacting with the customer browsing experience which is similar to a tunnel that is only connected to the customer and the 256 bit SSL encryption is approximated to take at least one trillion years to break and is the industry standard, also the payments done are very secure as the payment gateways passes through it’s own dedicated server gateways with 256 EV SSL encryption which is more secure and reliable.
Question What if a stock availability error occurs while purchasing?
AnswerIf there is any error during a purchase such as stock available during its unavailability we will review the order within 48 business hours and immediately after the investigation if the order is not available an immediate refund will be issued.
Question Can I change/cancel my order, once I have placed it?
AnswerNo, once you place an order it is final.