About Us

ENVIE.™ is a fashion house/label embedded in current culture at a taste-level particular to now. It’s a 3-part project that hosts a global level pure luxe label, a global level streetwear brand and a collaborative culture lifestyle. With a specific prominence and not necessarily same with perception, seasonal men’s and women’s collections are offered here.

All products are based in a concept that adapts from season to season. Manufacturing is based in Dhaka with a core value of the brand to be made from the best available and particular opinion regarding fabric, fit and fabrication.

The result is to be a fresh brand embracing the timeless fashion I have to offer in a trailblazing manner.

ENVIE.™ is also a Bengali online luxury shopping destination for the millennials and onwards. We are trying to sell cutting-edge fashion clothing and accessories of our own, then we have got beauty, skincare, home decor and offer a wide variety of lifestyle-related content from other brands we are affiliated with, trying to make ENVIE.™ the hub of a thriving fashion and lifestyle community and our country badly needs one designer brand and here we are trying. We are currently selling high-end luxury brands and its products through our online shopping platform with enhanced web experiences in a non-official collaboration based.